Things to consider when mixing grass.

When undergoing a landscape project or a large scale agricultural task, one of the basic steps you can take is the selection of a quality grass seed mixture. It is important to use grass types that are right for your area's atmospheric conditions as well as fit for their desired use. The quality is very important since low quality seed packaging contains weed seeds. This will be directly visible in the turf when you make a visual examination and may even become uneven as the days go on. It will be a source of wasted effort on your part when your turf results in being substandard. This is especially true for big projects that will even result in more losses, namely financial losses.

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There are different types of seed mixtures available on the market. It just takes a little bit of investigation and work to come up with the best choice for your needed materials. You can find most information online and more websites now offer a line-up of online stores where you can make purchases and have grass seeds delivered to your home.

However, if you are already in the process of choosing your own grass seed mixture, here are some things you might want to consider

Determine if you are planting a new lawn or only re-seeding bare spots. Find out if your lawn is suitable for people to walk through it. The time that you have to invest in lawn care is also important so that you can map out a good watering system. Observe if your lawn receives full sunlight or if it is partially shaded.

Find out what your preference is. You may need a straight seed or a mixture of different seeds. If done correctly, attention to details can translate in your project being more affordable and cost-efficient. In addition, you will be successful in achieving your desired results.

Grass types fall into two main groups one that thrives during warm seasons and the other that is well-adapted to cool seasons. The first one thrives best in hot weather and turns brown during cool temperatures. Warm season grass should be planted during a specific time of the year, preferably during spring. 

On the other hand, the cool grass type is characterized by rapid growth during the spring and fall. This type of grass also turns brown under the summer heat. The time to plant cool season grass is during the late summer or early fall.

A few planting tips will be helpful to you and you monitor the growth of the grass seed mixtures. First, work the soil. Prepare it for planting, remove weeds, and remove stones that may alter the growth of the seeds. If available, mix in some organic material such as vermicast to make the soil optimal for seed growth. To improve soil germination, spread fertilizer over the soil to help the new plants grow.As you begin your turf project, make the best choice when selecting the right grass seed to use.